Durga is the most well-known form of Parvati, Shiva’s wife. She appears as a wonderful and beautiful woman, who can also show in a fierce, threatening form when in danger.

Her name means invincible or “impassable”. Very often, she is depicted with eight, ten or more arms, holding weapons in all of her arms. She brings protection into our life and helps to cut negative energies off from ourselves. In her arms, she holds not only a sword, a saber, a harpoon, a bow and an arrow, but a lotus flower, shining star of chakras, and blessing, prayers and forgiveness as well. Consider that these are also weapons that help to remove everything that is harmful for us and we do not need anymore.

“Don’t be afraid, everything is allright”, says her main message. Take a step forward, and God will take thousands towards you. We say it often in our everyday life and it also applies to it.
My advice regarding the spiritual work with Durga:

Free at least a half an hour, when you can pay attention only to yourself. Use it to make your own life better.

Make yourself comfortable, relax for a couple of minutes.

Pray for protection, for supporting and protecting energies, ask for removing anything that only halts you from stepping forward or things that are harmful and blocking. Ask that remove, with the power of love, each person, situation or circumstance that is only blocking you along your way to achieve your life purpose. Heal all the wounds remaining after that with love, kindness and tender peace.

By doing that, many new doors can open in your life. As you don’t have to focus on keeping walking without falling down due to your heavy backpack, instead you can live in the now and look forward. You will be able to work on your life purpose more freely.

Your prayer or the creative thoughts can be recited in several sentences either. However I suggest taking it seriously and taking your time and energy in appropriate amount. Discover that specific energy field, experience or sense the positive feelings, allow yourself to let your life become easier. I am sure that you know very well, it is your energy level and the quality of your vibe that creates the circumstances and events in your life, even in times when you feel quite the opposite. Where you look exactly there you will get to. If you nurture anger and bitterness in your heart, exactly that is what you get from outside. But if you live in love and happiness and walk on the path of good people, everything is going to change.
After prayer it is advised to recite mantras. They are short, ancient, usually sanskrit prayers, consisting of a couple of words, and if we repeat, recite or chant them we can draw great amount of positive, powerful energies into our lives. I have a very simple example to prove this. Let’s think about, how many times people told the simple mantra of ‘I love you’ to each other over the last thousand years. You can feel when you radiate this feeling to your loved ones with all your heart, that vast energies are moving. This is exactly how mantras work.
Repeat the mantra 108 times. It will take about 10-15 minutes, depending on the length of the mantra. Below, at the end of the page, you will find the lyrics of the mantra, and the short meaning of it along with a pronunciation guide. We also share a video from which you can hear the right pronunciation of the mantra.
I suggest taking a prayer beads consisting of 108 beads, a so-called mala. Taking this in your right hand, after each recitation of the mantra, turn your thumb around a bead, in this way you will know when you finish your circle.

The cleansing task has to be performed over a couple of consecutive weeks, continuously. At your reading you got the information, over how many weeks you have to perform your task. It is of high importance to do it without interruption. If you have started, don’t interrupt it, but still, if it happened to miss one week, you should start again from the very beginning.
If you have questions or feel stucked, please, go on with your task, don’t stop it. Feel free to ask questions and contact us in any given way displayed on our website - we will gladly help you.

Finally, please, think and realize, that your world will not change by itself. You can change it. From your palm leaf, you can already see, which way to go in order to find your happiness and your wholeness.
To go along your way it is inevitable to cleanse and remove your obstacles. Work on yourself and make efforts for your happiness. You will see it worths it.

Before starting your task, I suggest reading my advice written to the cleansing tasks here:

With love,
Zoltán Gábor Lukács
Palm Leaf Reading International

Sources & References: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durga

Suggested mantra: Om Dum Durgaye Namaha

Information about the mantra:
Meaning of the mantra:

I invite the powerful gods and ask them to give me the blessing of knowledge, wealth and protection from evil.
The correct pronunciation of the mantra: