Function of Palmleaves

Q: What do palm leaves contain?

Your palm leaf gives you an insight into your future. From this moment till your last day, in several years’ periods you can get to know what you can expect in different fields of your life. It is basically future-oriented, but it often goes back to the past or even back to one of your previous karmic lives.

Q: Isn’t it fortune-telling, astrology or numerology?

No, it isn’t. It is palm leaf. It has a connection with Vedic astrology of India but it has different basis. They are ancient sacred writings which were noted down by the masters of ancient times based on what they had seen from the heavenly chronicles, The Akasha. The reader will read from your leaf, you will get the information especially written to you thousands of years ago. It is not the reader that puts the pieces of information together for you.

Q: Does the leaf contain the destiny of pets or children?

Children can have their leaf found when they turn to be 16. However, your palm leaf has information about your children’s and parents’ life. Basically, your palm leaf is about you. Information of pets rarely appears in it. If there is any reference to pets, it relates to one of your previous lives where you had anything to do with them or you had done anything to them.

Q: Is it possible to have somebody else’s leaf read?

No, it isn’t. Only your own palm leaf can be read.

Sometimes the leaf contains information only known by the owner of the leaf, details that haven’t even been told to their close family members. This is the reason why you can’t have the leaf of your family members, acquaintances or friends read.

Q: Do I have to travel to India?

For thousands of years people who wanted to hear what their palm leaf contained had to travel to India, meeting the reader there. This was a very long and costly process, sometimes it took years. By now thank modern technology the process has become much more simple.

So you needn’t travel to India. One of our missions is to help you get to know the content of your palm leaf. We will take you along the whole process, organise everything for you. The reading will happen in one of our reading rooms, you will come here and take part in it in person.

Q: Are there cheaters?

If you travel to India, you can meet a lot of people who claim that they deal with palm leaf readings. It is not sure that you have found an authentic reader as there are only 200 authentic reader families and there are thousands dealing with it. Out of them, there are only 8-10 readers who work for abroad. We are in contact with all of these readers, we know them personally and we only work with the best ones.

Q: Is the experience of the reader important?

The readers come from sacred families who have only dealt with palm leaf reading for generations or for even hundreds or thousands of years. This is their mission of life, this is what they learn and this is what they dedicate their whole life. They have such deep and thorough knowledge of this field that they are the only ones and no one else has this knowledge in the whole wide world. The leaves have such special language that even if we spoke in Tamil, we wouldn’t be able to understand it. We have worked with our readers for years.

Q: Who has and who doesn’t have palm leaf?

According to our experience, the majority of people who feel the invitation of their leaf and who would like to have it found and read have their palm leaf. You will feel it. This is the reason why it is especially important to make your own decision to come to us, it must be your free will. In this case there is a great chance for your palm leaf to be found. As we experienced, people who didn’t get their leaf mainly didn’t come from their own decision, they were pushed by somebody else like their partner or parents. This is why we respectfully ask you not to convince or force anybody to come. Respect and accept their decision, their free will.

Q: Is it my leaf? Is it for me?

You will hear several pieces of information from your palm leaf that you can recognise yourself from. Our guests keep telling us in their feedback that there were some events of their life appearing in the leaf that they might have never told about to anyone, they heard their deepest inner thoughts. Reading is for you and about you. The leaf is yours and it intends to give support and help exclusively to you, to your life.

Q: How can I know what is authentic?

We have received hundreds of feedbacks from our guests so far. We can see in our own life day by day how all the things which are written in the leaves come true, realise. All of us have already had our reading, we live this life. It is neither our task to persuade anyone nor to prove anything, but we are happy to share what we know and experience with you.

We are expecting you in our experience sharing gatherings where you can meet people who have already had their reading. You can ask them, they are glad to answer. We can show you the process. Come and meet us at our performance, meet us at our booth and have a conversation with us.

Q: Why is there a need for fingerprint?

Palm leaves are kept in sacred libraries and are catalogued according to fingerprints as millions of leaves can’t be kept in bulk. There are approximately 80000 main fingerprint families. Your fingerprint is individual but there are 100-200 more people in the world whose fingerprint is very similar to yours. These are called fingerprint type or fingerprint family. The leaves are arranged in bundles and are kept in libraries on the basis of these fingerprint types. Thank this, the finding takes only a few days or weeks.

Q: What will happen to the fingerprints?

The fingerprints are scanned and sent to India. There the reader analyses them and determines which type they belong to, and they start to find the bundles in the libraries. We don’t keep the fingerprints, at the end of the whole process, we eliminate them.

Q: Why do I need to give my date of birth?

In the libraries, the bundles of leaves are also arranged according to date of birth. Without the date of birth, the process of finding would take weeks or months and the selection would also take much longer. By sending the date of birth to India, the process of finding can be reduced to only a few days, the selection takes only half to one hour, so the process becomes much smoother.

Q: Isn’t it bad for me to know my future?

Is it bad for you to know where you are driving to when you get into your car? Is it bad to know what the ideal route is? It isn’t predestination, it isn’t destiny, it isn’t engraved in a stone. You will see an ideal path through which you can do the bestest, you can bring the best out of yourself by means of your own free will. And this way you can live in love and peace. This is never bad.

Q: Can I get to know when I will pass away?

Death can appear in several forms in the leaves. One of them is that it might as well tell you the year when your life will finish. Or it tells you which is the last period of your life. Or the most common we can meet is that you will be here in this world until this year of your life, or the Maharishi wrote your life till this age. You can also be here after this age, but the exact date of death doesn’t appear in the leaf. There is often some guidance what rituals you can do if you want to live further than written.

Q: Are there some bad events in the leaves?

Life is not always just bed of roses, there are some difficult times as well. These typically appear in the leaves so that they can help you to live them as favourably as you just can. Let alone, it also gives you advice how you can avoid what can be avoided.

Q: Is there anyone whose life can only be bad?

There are people who have a lot of difficulties and karmic events in their life. For example, there are people whose life is so short that they have no chance to be born. However, as far as we have experienced it, those people who come to us, take the advice and do the karma cleansing tasks, start to live by far the most positive and best life. And if they have any difficulties, they will get the lightest form or outcome of them.

Q: Can we change the bad things?

Of course, we can as you will come to your reading with the aim of getting your manual of how you can change the bad things. The reading itself will give you several pieces of advice how to live your life and at the and of your reading, you will get your karma cleansing tasks customised on you. This is called puja and it contains prayers, mantras, social work, donation or offers which might as well last for years.

Q: What if I get to know I have only a short time left from my life?

We already had guests who were suffering from serious illnesses. They got a nice manual of how they could take the best out of their life and how they could stay here for by far the longest time and until they would really like to. You will also get a guidance relating to future illnesses, of how you can prevent them or reduce their effects. For instance, if there is a chance of a serious illness in your life which is a result of long-lasting stress, anxiety or unhealthy lifestyle, your leaf tells you from when and what to change to relieve or avoid it.

Q: What if I make a decision different from what is written in my leaf?

You make your own decision, you choose a path according to your wish. The leaf will give you a nice guidance. We suggest that you follow this path, but, of course, you will go where you want to. According to our experience, the suggested path is supported and results success.

Our readings

Q: Do I have to be at the readings only in person?

Yes, you have to appear personally. We are looking forward to you in any of our reading rooms. The whole process takes about 3-3,5 hours.

Q: In what language is the reading going on?

The leaf is written in ancient Tamil, the reader reads it in modern Tamil and the interpreter translates it into English. We ensure you an interpreter who translates everything into your mothertongue. We also interpret to modern European English.

Q: When are the readings?

Because of the time difference between India and Europe, the readings are typically kept either in early mornings or in the afternoons. The whole process lasts about 3-3,5 hours. We kindly suggest that you should try to relax, have a rest and get in tune a few days before the reading. After the reading, if you have the chance, give yourself time to deal with yourself, to think about and digest the information you heard.

Q: Will we have a live contact with India?

Yes, we have a live video conference with the reader. He can see you and we can also see him.

Q: What happens on the day of my reading?

After you have arrived at our reading room, we tell you what you can expect, what will happen to you. We will introduce the operation of the leaves and the system, and we will tell you what to expect. After this, we will make contact with the reader in India and we will start the selection. This usually takes an hour depending on which one is your leaf out of the bundles. After that there is a half-hour break while the reader translates the content of your leaf into modern Tamil. After that comes the reading itself which takes about 1-1,5 hours.

Q: Who will participate at my reading?

At your reading you, your Indian reader and your interpreter will be at present. The readings are not public. People who are outsiders, who are not the members of our team are not allowed to participate in the readings.

Q: Are the selection and the reading on the same day?

In most cases, yes, they are. However, it happens very rarely that the Maharishi prescribes you certain tasks you are supposed to do before your reading. It has already happened, and it means that you have to pray for a few days or weeks, or you have to do some kind of meditation or ritual. For instance, forgiveness, reconcilation or settling certain fields of life. After them, there will be a chance to read your leaf.

Q: What is selection?

The day of your reading starts with selection. There will be 100-200 leaves on the reader which all belong to your fingerprint family and date of birth. From this point it is you that we need for the selection of the specific leaf out of them. During the selection, the reader claims different data, details from the leaves and he wants you to answer with yes or no to these statements. He is looking for the one in which all the details match you.

Q: What data come up during the selection?

Your name, your partner’s name, your parents’ name, your siblings. Or if you have a child or children, work, degree, some important characteristics of your life are also mentioned. Your date of birth, a few important events of life which have happened to you. Your present situation, future plans, the direction you want to go on with your life. The process is to select your own leaf. This is about and for you.

Q: What if I don’t know the details of my life, for example my parents’ name?

We have already had some guests whose certain data were missing. It’s interesting to notice that in their case, these data didn’t appear in their bundles, so this is not a problem at all. During the selection, it is the ’here and now’ that appear, it is what you know and it is your present situation of life that appears. For example, during the selection the name of your future partner or an illness you have but you don’t know about will not appear in your leaf.

Q: What happens after the selection?

The leaf was written in ancient Tamil. The reader translates it into modern Tamil and he will read the content of your leaf in this language. He uses a little booklet that authentic readers are centrally given to specifically for the readings. We suggest if you went to India for a reading of anyone, you should only go to a reader who possesses this little booklet.

The leaf was written in a verse form, each verse divided in 4 lines. We can say that this is the verse or song of your life. The information of your leaf are made up of chapters. The first chapter is the selection, from the 2nd to the 12th one the details of your life are contained, from the 13th to the 17th one further chapters come. Each chapter contains information from a certain field of your life. They tell you what you can expect in the given field in the given period. While the reader is translating, these pieces of information are put together in chronological order. You will hear the information in a coherent text.

Q: What happens during the reading?

During the reading, you will hear the data of selection again, then in the first phase of your reading the reader will tell you about the major energies of your life. You will be given a description of yourself so that you can understand yourself better. Then, in most cases, it looks back in your past but not in your whole past life, only in the karmic period you are in now. He will tell you when this karmic period started and what karmic events are likely to have happened to you. The majority of these events described have really happened to you. If something didn’t happen, you had protection for that experience, you were allowed to avoid it. Then he will talk about your future in 2-4 years’ periods. Typically the following 10-15 years are the most detailed and you can often find details till the end of your life. At the end of the reading, you will have the chance to ask about your doubts or ask your questions. However, as far as we have experienced it, you get the answers to most of your doubts during the reading. At the end of the process, you will have an insight into one of your previous lives of which has the strongest karmic effect on your present life. He tells you which country you lived in, if you were a male or a female, what you did and you will get to know the causes of your present experience. And, at the end of the whole reading, you will be given the karma cleansing tasks, the puja, which will be e-mailed to you with explanations in the next few weeks.

Q: What will happen to my leaf after the reading?

After the reading, your leaf will be put back into the library. One of the reasons is that there is often another person’s life on the reverse side of the leaf. The other reason is that this is all a sacred whole and it can’t be damaged. Palm leaves are irreplaceable, priceless sacred writings. They are under several international protection, for instance the protection of UNESCO.

Q: What does the wick symbolise?

The wick symbolises the fire. The light of your life, your existance. We can say that this is the replica of the heavenly light on earth. When you light a wick, ask it to light up your lifepath for a long time. Ask it to take care of you, to show you a brighter path in the intersections.

Q: What does the flower symbolise?

The flower symbolises the water. This is the symbol of growth, the way to the sky, beauty, blooming things and every beautiful thing in your life. When you place the flower on the altar, be grateful for every beautiful thing, blooming event and ask your life to give you even more beautiful and positive experiences many more times.

Q: What does the fruit symbolise?

The fruit symbolises the earth. This is the symbol of fertility, the material world, wealth, development, growth. When you place the fruit, be grateful for everything you have got in your life in this field and ask for being fertile, prosperous and successful in the fields which are important to you for a long time.

Q: What does the joss stick symbolise?

The joss stick symbolises the air and the ether. When you light it, ask for peacefulness, ask it to clear up your doubts and questions with its clean steam and energy. Ask it to give answers to the questions, to bring peace, happiness and love into your life. We respectfully ask you to bring joss sticks of good quality on this occasion.

Q: Can I bring an object which is important to me to the altar?

Of course, you can bring a statue, mala or any personal object which are important to you as this is both a cleansing and a blessing process. At the end of it, you can leave it here as a donation, or you can take it home.

Q: Does it matter how much and what kind of the given something I bring?

This is your decision. Bring as much as you think and the kind that is important to you. And we also suggest that for a few days prior to your reading you should think over what symbols can be linked to you.

Q: Can I ask that some things should not be read?

The reader is obliged to read everything that your leaf contains. We interpret everything that is said by the reader. However, on the basis of our experience, there’s no such information on the leaf that wouldn’t take you forward in your life. Palm leaf never hurts, it always helps.

Q: Can I bring a family member or a friend, aquaintance to my reading?

Yes, you can. Reading is your personal experience, but if you really want your partner or any of your family members to be with you, then it’s ok. However, nobody can be forced to join you. As we have experienced it, if you participate in it on your own, the whole process is much deeper and you can become absorbed in it much more.

Q: How is my reading recorded?

The whole process is recorded, the voice is recorded separately. We ask you to bring a pendrive and at the end of the reading we can copy the whole record on it and you can take it home. After your reading, we can’t keep the record, so we advise you to make a safe copy of it for you.


Q: How much is the reading?

The total cost of the reading is €280. This must be paid in two parts. The first part, which is €90, is to be paid at the time of your registration. The second part, which is €190, is to be paid on the occasion of your reading. If your leaf should not be found, we give you a full refund and it costs nothing at all for you.

Q: Why doesn’t the reading cost hundreds of thousands?

We wouldn’t like to declare about how and in which form others operated. The process costs this much money, we won’t charge you more than this. There are no extra, hidden costs.

Q: Why doesn’t the finding take months or years?

We take only as many registrations or readings at a time as we are able to do in the following weeks. This is the reason why we don’t have a waiting list of weeks or months. The process had time to crystallise for thousands of years, it has become pretty fast and effective by now. If the finding lasts longer than this somewhere, this is always due to the long waiting list.

Q: Why does the reading of palm leaf cost money?

The process involves a lot of costs and it also made up of many people’s work. As you are paid for your work at your workplace, we all get salary for our work. And it also makes us happy that by means of readings, we can support sacred Indian families.

Q: Why does the reading cost that much?

The price of reading is reflected by its value. In the past, other organisations might have charged more times of this amount. We are trying to reduce our costs. This sum has been claimed to be possibly the most appreciated and the lowest for everyone.

Q: Why is it necessary to pay a registration fee?

Registration fee covers the costs of the followings: starting the process, finding, library, collecting and delivering the leaves. We send this money with your fingerprint to India.

Q: What shall I do if I can’t finance the cost of reading at present?

At present it’s not possible for us to ensure payment in parts. Ask life to help you in getting the money for this. Several of our guests told us when they felt the time of reading arrived, they automatically got the proper amount of money from life.

Q: How many readings have we interpret?

Palm leaves have been part of our life for 6 years. Our interpreters, assistants have already participated in more than 900 readings in the past years.

Q: I don’t speak English. Is it a problem?

Of course, it isn’t. We ensure interpretation to your reading. The interpreter is responsible for guiding you on this day, for telling you all the tiny, little details of the process, for giving you assistance and support on this route. The English language used by Indian people sounds very unusual initially, it means a challenge even for somebody who speaks English very well. We ensure our interpreters trainings for months. During the hundreds of hours spent with the readers, the communication becomes smoother and they perfectly understand each other.

Q: Where do I have to go? Where is the reading room?

We have reading rooms in Budapest, Székesfehérvár, in Hungary and Bratislava, in Slovakia. We usually keep events here. The reading room in Budapest is located near Nyugati Railway Station. After you have made an appointment, we look forward to you for a consultation, registration and our events.

Q: How long does the reading take?

You will spend 3 hours with us altogether. The reading itself usually takes about 1 hour, but it often happens that it takes longer like 2-3 hours. We ask you to give yourself well enough time on the day of your reading as we don’t know exactly in advance how long your reading will actually take.

Q: If I feel that everything is alright in my life, why shall I register?

A great majority of our guests come to us when they are in or coming out of a more difficult situation or phase of life. However, we have guests whose life is basically alright. They get a kind of guidence and confirmation from their palm leaf. It’s like a manual for yourself that you can keep with you and any time when you have to make a decision or you arrive at an intersection of your lifepath, you can find the right route more easily.

Q: What if there are things in my life I’m not really proud of?

What is happening, what are said in the reading room will remain there inside. Discretion is very important for us. We won’t judge you. No matter what is your phase of life like, no matter if you have difficulties or problems, no matter whether you are special or not, we welcome you with unconditional love.

Q: Can I take part in the process regardless of any religion?

Although the system and process of palm leaves are linked to India, it’s independent from any religions. So we welcome you no matter what your faith or religion is. We have already had guests representing or practising several religions, we have even had preachers.

Q: Can I tell others about my reading?

Of course, you can. However, the information is only yours, it belongs only to you. If you decide to show someone certain details of it, you should think twice to whom and how much you share. Maybe it would be worth telling them only some details. Of course, you can tell everybody where you have been, what has happened to you and what changes it has made in your life.

Q: Can reading be given as a gift?

Yes, we sell gift vouchers with which you can surprise one of your family members or someone who means a lot to you. However, it’s very important to notice that everybody who comes to us must do it from their own decision, from their own will. Please do not give anybody a voucher to persuade them about it. It’s worth giving them a voucher if they want it.

Q: What shall I prepare with for the reading?

We ask you to bring a pendrive with you to your reading so that we will copy the record on it. Bring some fruits, some flowers and wicks with you. You can put these on the altar of our reading room. They are such nice symbols that you can bring for yourself as donations.


Q: What is puja?

Puja is a sanskrit word with the meaning of ritual. They are tasks which might as well be there with you for years and which you can do any time of your life. These tasks, prayers, mantras, services and traditions are customised on you, on your karmic background.

Q: Am I obliged to do the puja?

We can see from our feedbacks that those people who take the puja advice and are working on cleansing their karmic energies start to become more successful and happier in life. Those people who don’t do the puja say that their life also becomes easier and lighter. However, with cleansed karma, you can expect bigger success with more intensity. We suggest that you should start and do the karma cleansing tasks as soon as possible. The sooner you do them, the sooner they will have positive effects. However, the decision when you start is yours. It’s important that you do them at least once in your life so that you can live with clean karma.

Q: Can I do anybody else’s puja?

The puja is claimed and customised on your personal karmic background. By your doing the puja, all your family members will be affected. By your living easier and you being happy, you also help them and your mutual karma will become easier. As long as your partner would like to do the karma cleansing tasks, as long as he / she feels they also have a leaf, we suggest that he / she should have their own leaf found. You can’t make anyone else’s personal karma easier.

Q: Why is it necessary to worship the Gods of India?

It’s up to your free will, your decision whether you do the puja or not. This is an ancient Indian method which uses the means of the ancient Indian culture and Hindu religion. We suggest that you should chant the mantras and prayers your leaf contains because this has the strongest effect of your karma cleansing. However, it’s also possible to do your worship on the basis of your own faith, culture and value approach. The most important thing is to deal with yourself and to act for yourself.

Q: Does the puja cost any money?

Puja has a variety of tasks. We have seen more than 60 different types of task so far. The majority of them can be done on your own. However, there are cases when the Maharishi advised you to pilgrimage to India or to visit temples, sacred places. There are tasks which can be done for you in the temples of India. This includes a symbolic daily fee.

It is your decision what you would like to make use of. Pujas often involve some kind of donation. For example food donation to people most in need, dress for family members, donation to your spiritual leader or guru. Sometimes there is a certain kind of money donation.

Q: What kind of and how much donation shall I give?

It’s mainly not the amount of money you spend on that really matters but the act of donation. You will feel and you will know how much you must give. Maybe you will give people an apple or a scone as food donation, but you may as well invite them for luch or dinner. We have already organised group food donation. It’s a special and fantastic feeling to support people who are most in need.

Other questions

Q: Can palm leaf reading be available for foreigners as well?

Yes, of course. We are looking forward to registrations from any country in the world. We usually keep international readings for foreigners. You can get in the reading by means of internet video conference (skype). Do not hesitate, make contact with us, we will help you.

Q: Can the whole process, the reading be done in a discrete way?

We ensure you total discretion. What is heard or said in the reading room will remain inside. If one of your acquintances, family members comes, we ensure you that everybody will get the pieces of information written only in their palm leaf. Of course, you can also have the possibility of a totally discrete reading as needed. In this case, you won’t meet anyone else in the reading room and we can makea special appointment with you for this occasion.

Q: How can I pay?

During the registration, you can pay in cash, however, you can also registrate in e-mail or by post. In these cases, you can transfer the fee or pay by PayPal. In case of international readings, we suggest that you pay by PayPal because this is the fastest and cheapest method of payment.

Q: Can you arrange readings for disabled people?

Of course, we can. We make readings possible for everyone either via the internet or in person. If you have any special request, please make contact with us and we will do our best to help you.

Q: Can a mentally disabled person have reading?

During the reading, your personal presence and active participation are very important. In case of mentally disabled children, we usually suggest that the parents should have their own palm leaf found. As far as we have experienced, the leaf contains more detailed pieces ofinformation of the disabled child’s life.

Q: Can I have a leaf read for my dog, pet?

Palm leaves were written for living people who turned to be 16. There are no palm leaves for pets.

Q: Can I get to know what my motherland can expect?

The leaf is about you and to you, it is about your fate. From the information it gives, you can conclude to the future of certain countries. However, the leaves are basically about people’s fate.

Q: What if I forget to bring a pendrive?

You can buy a pendrive in our reading room as well. We suggest that you should bring a pendrive with you because we don’t keep the records for the long term.

Q: Am I allowed to eat on the day of my reading?

Of course, you are. Come to us in the way you feel comfortable. Eat and drink properly, fill yourself up with energy so that the flow will be alright during the reading.